Abrogating Article 370 will pave way for ‘freedom’ for people of J&K: Farooq

Srinagar: Asking the BJP try joining the hearts and not break them, National Conference (NC) President Farooq Abdullah claimed that abrogating of Article 370 will pave way for β€˜freedom’ for people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The remarks by the NC candidate from Srinagar constituency for Lok Sabha elections come a day after BJP released its manifesto for the parliamentary polls, reiterating its commitment to abrogate Article 370, which grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

β€œIf BJP abrogates Article 370, the accession will also not stand. I swear by Allah, I think this is the wish of Almighty, we will get freedom from them,” Dr Abdullah said while addressing a rally here.

Dr Abdullah said that there would not be anyone to hoist the national flag in the valley if Article 370 is abrogated.

Alleging that no PM brought disrepute to the valued post of PM as Narendra Modi did, he said that victory of Modi will cost India its democracy and secular character. β€œThe ensuing elections provide us an appropriate opportunity to salvage our nation from the fangs of communal frenzy and bigotry. I have seen various Prime Ministers of our country from Jawaharlal Nehru to Vajpayee but believe me I have never seen a biased person like Modi. In a country like India a PM is supposed to care for all. PM Modi failed to abide by the Raj Darma, which even late Atal Ji had asked him to follow in letter and spirit. However we never saw Modi shed a single tear or utter a single word of remorse or empathy for the plight of minorities in India in particular the miseries of people in Kashmir,” he alleged.

β€œTell me have you ever seen any PM of India speak the way he speaks? Does it behoove a person of his standing to make such sarcastic jibes, sneering comments? Does it behoove his standing to maintain calm at a time when minorities of the country are being intimidated? It certainly does not! If God forbid he comes back the country will never see elections again. Even the institutions that have brought repute to our country could not remain unaffected from the ill-conceived policies and undue political intervention of BJP led central government,” he alleged.

β€œThe opportunity is tapping our door, if we want to see a country where the minorities live holding their heads high we have to bid Modi goodbye. If we want to save our state flag, our state constitution, our special status we have to ensure that BJP and their cronies as are holding apple in their hand are defeated. Only then can a dream of secular, democratic and progressive India be realized. Now it is up to you. We all should make it a point to Vote on 18 April. This time every single vote you cast will be for our honor, dignity, and special status within the union of India,” he said.



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