BJP-PC two faces of same coin, hell bent to obliterate special status of J&K, alleges Omar

Uri: Alleging that BJP and Peoples Conference (PC) are hell bent to obliterate the special status of the state, National Conference (NC) Vice President Omar Abdullah said that the state should beat their nefarious designs by actively participating in the ensuing Parliament elections.

Abdullah, who is the former chief minister of J&K, said that the erstwhile princely state of Jammu and Kashmir joined hands with the Union of India on certain conditions and assurances.
“We are not like any other state of India. We have our own flag, our own constitution. Today our state is facing onslaught on its special status from all sides.  Forces as are inimical to the unity and integrity of our state are coming in different hues and some are holding lotus in their hands and some Apple. I caution you again about their nefarious designs. Their sole agenda is to obliterate the every spec of our special character,” Mr Abdullah said while addressing a rally here on Sunday.
Mr Abdullah said that the biggest problem that the state is facing is that of unemployment and any stride on Article 35 A will have far reaching consequences on the employment prospects of the state of the youth.

“Article 35 A confers upon us certain rights vis-à-vis employment and scholarship. Nonetheless, BJP-RSS and their cronies in the state want to snatch this right from our educated youngsters.  The situation of unemployment is already grim in our state and doing away with Art 35-A will inadvertently put the future of our children in doldrums. In order to ensure our children a secure future we have to remain vigilant of these BJP-RSS cronies,” he said.
“Today people from PC and PDP are coming to you for votes. But people of Uri are asking them as to where was their concern when people were fleeing Uri following border skirmishes; what happened to their promise of building roads. Where was their concern when our traders, students were being attacked upon across parts of country after Pulwama tragedy. We have seen how Sajad flaunted brotherly relations with Modi. He has many a times said that Modi was his elder brother. Why didn’t he ask his elder brother to ensure safety of our traders, students across the country?” he said.
Lashing out at BJP, PDP and PC for allegedly berating and betraying people’s mandate, Mr Abdullah asked, “What happened to the promise of getting back power stations?”
“How many youngsters were you able to give employment? All PDP-PC did while in government was to serve their own interests. We only saw Sajad throwing tantrums for getting plush cabinet posts.      Why didn’t Sajad ask his elder Brother Modi to lessen the tyranny which was unleashed on people during 2016? We didn’t see him raise any voice for the people then,” he said.
Alleging that PDP and PC providing space to BJP in the state, he said, “When I was the chief minister of the state I resisted the implementation of NFSA (National Food Security Act), however PDP-PC took no time to implement it. Today our mothers and sisters are finding it very difficult to run their kitchen. Who is to be blamed for it? GST was implemented by the PDP-PC–BJP combine as well. Today we see that every commodity and services being taxed heavily. Every edible has become dearer.”
“The lives of lakhs of APL and BPL consumers have been put to duress. Who is to be blamed for it?  People are better judges of the follies of PDP-PC. Posterity will never forgive them for playing havoc with the interests of the people of the state of ours,” he alleged.
“The PDP-BJP combine has aggravated the situation to the extent that the sole artery of ours, our national highway has been closed for civilian traffic. Where will the patients go who are being referred to Srinagar hospitals? What will the students do?” he further alleged.



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