India plotted dangerous attack ‘with the help of Israel’

ISLAMABAD: India with the backing of Israel and at the peak of its standoff with Pakistan had last week planned a β€œdangerous attack” to be executed from its Rajasthan airbase, Dawn reported quoting a highly placed government source on Monday.

Timely intelligence and backdoor messaging made it clear to India that a befitting response would be given if it were to go ahead with the planned attack, one which would possibly take the countries to a β€œpoint of no return”.

However, the top civilian source observed that the next possible escalation by India would not be in terms of ground, air or missiles β€” but more likely in the form of a hybrid conflict in the nature of militant attacks, economic measures etc.

In fact, what India termed, and thus legitimised as β€œpre-emptive non-military strike” last Tuesday, was a first of its kind violation of international border and Pakistan’s airspace since 1971.

It was followed by Pakistan taking down two Indian aircraft in a dogfight, leaving one Indian pilot dead and another captured β€” who was later released as a unilateral gesture of peace.

Since then, Pakistan and India have continued to exchange gunfire across the Line of Control (LoC), only having eased in the last 24 hours.


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