#NobelPeacePrizeForImranKhan: Braveheart wing commander’s life worth two Nobel Prizes

Srinagar: IAS topper and former Bureaucrat from Kashmir who recently resigned to join active politics said that Wing CDR Abhinandhanโ€™s life was worth two Nobel Prizes while referring to his support of Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan.

Pakistan Prime Minister received huge praise from across the border after the decision to release the Indian pilot Abhinandan and #NobelPeacePrizeForImranKhan starting trending in Pakistan.

โ€œA Nobel Peace Prize to @ImranKhanPTI could drastically change the way Pakistan operates in the South Asia region. IK has already raised the bar for leadership in the region, and the Prize could encourage him to further nurture the India-Pak relationship. He deserves the prize.โ€ (SIC) Faisal tweeted in support of Imran Khan.

After his tweet, Faisal received mixed response and in a recent interview with noted Journalist Barkha Dutt repatriated his opinion of acknowledging Imran khanโ€™s gesture.

โ€œSo @shahfaesal backs Pakistan Information Minister call for Imran Khan to get Nobel Peace Prize. Most Indians are gobsmacked & rather furious at the comments by the ex IAS Topper turned Neta. He says, he meant it. An excerpts from my interview on @newshtn.โ€ (SIC) Barkha Dutt tweeted while sharing the the excerpts from the interview.

โ€œWe have not seen such gestures in the sub-continent. Imran showed a lot of courage. He stood up for peace and we should acknowlwdge his gesture,โ€ Shah Faisal said in the interview.

Later he shared the Barkhโ€™s tweet and said โ€œBraveheart wing commander’s life is worth not one but two Nobel prizes.โ€


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