Attacks on Kashmiri students: Establishing Sheikh-ul-Alam (RA) University is highly inevitable now, Maulana Hami

Srinagar: Karwan-e-Islami patron Alama Ghulam Rasool Hami Friday said that in view of the continuous mob attacks on the Kashmiri students, business menΒ and traders in various states of India, it has highly become inevitable that the administration should allow the setting up of much awaited Sheikh-ul-Alam University so that students aspiring to pursue high degree courses become less dependent on Indian Universities.

Alama Hami said that the future of Kashmiri students who were enrolled for various courses in Indian Universities and colleges in on a stake in the wake of continuous mob attacks on them which have resulted in the mass migrations of Kashmiris from Indian states.

β€œIt is not that Kashmiris were not being targeted in Indian states but since Pulwama attack has taken place, the life of Kashmiris including students, business men, shawl weavers and traders has been made hell by the Hindu fanatic elements, which have thrashed many Kashmiris and forced them to flee. He said that it is an everyday affair that Kashmiris are being targeted in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Kolkata and other parts for no fault,” Alama Hami said peaking at a Friday gathering at Manigam, Ganderbal.

Alama Hami said that all the claims of protecting Kashmiris in Indian states by the respective governments have fallen flat and proven as a hoax. He said attacks on innocent Kashmiris are taking place under a well thought out plan and there seems to be proper government patronage as Kashmiris who have spent their hard earned money to pursue degrees in Indian colleges and Universities have been forced to flee back to Kashmir.

Alama Hami expressed his concern over the remarks of Mizoram governor who called for boycotting Kashmiri items and stated that he won’t be part of Amaranth Yatra this year. Alama Hami said that the assertions of Mizoram governor reflect short sightedness and communal mindset.


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