Valley bound passengers accuse Indigo Airlines of ‘cheating’ and ‘misbehaving’, Umrah pilgrims left stranded in Delhi

QNS Correspondent

Srinagar: Dozens of valley bound passengers have accused the private Airline Company Indigo of ‘cheating’ and ‘misbehaving’ with people and resorting to ‘profiteering’ at the time when valley has been disconnected with the rest of the world since last week.

At least twenty Umrah pilgrims remain stranded in Delhi after the airlines failed to provide them accommodation and food when their flights scheduled on 6th February at 10:15 a.m. were cancelled.

A group of Kashmiri students who were traveling in the same flight said that after their flights were cancelled they requested the management of the airlines to provide them accommodation which they “refused”.

“There were Umrah pilgrims including old and sick people scheduled to fly with us. We told the Indigo management that at least provide accommodation to the old and sick patients and the rest of the others will manage outside,” said a group of students studying in different states of India.

“They not only refused the request but also misbehaved with us,” the visibly shocked students said.

The students said that they even requested for a flight up to Jammu where the passengers could have stayed with their relatives comfortably but that too was “denied”.

The Indigo management told the passengers there would be no flights till 13th of February and they have to manage on their own till then.

“We demanded that the company should give us in written that there would be no flights till 13th which they provided us,” a student said showing us the document, copy of which lies with QNS, signed and stamped by the Indigo management.

Signed and stamped document saying there would be no flights before 13th Feb from Delhi to Srinagar.
Screenshot of available flight on 9th Feb from Delhi to Srinagar.

The students said that they left Delhi by road and reached Jammu. The students checked for the available flights online and they were shocked to see the airline providing tickets on 9th of February.

“When we saw the tickets being available on 9th we were shocked and felt cheated as the Indigo management had told us that there would be no flights till 13th,” the students said.

The agitated students said that they felt more concerned about the old Umrah pilgrims who were stranded in Delhi and had no idea about what the airlines were doing to them.

The students later called the airlines and they were provided the earliest flights when they threatened to call media and higher authorities of the company.

“They provided us tickets because we pressurized them but what about the old and illiterate people stranded in Delhi. What about the sick,” the concerned students said.

The agitated students have requested the government to immediately take steps for the stranded pilgrims and make arrangements for their return. They also demanded action against the Indigo Airlines for “cheating” innocent people and pilgrims from the valley.


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