PDP slams Admin says Valley plunged into chaos, people suffer due to Govt.’s inefficiency

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday expressed grave concern over the government’s ill-preparedness to tackle the situation that has emerged due to fresh snowfall, stating that the  administration is in slumber at a time when entire  Kashmir Valley is in deep state of chaos, a statemnet issued here said.

PDP Vice President Abdul Rahman Veeri in a statement issued here said that the fresh snowfall has plunged scores of areas in Kashmir Valley into darkness and people hailing from far off areas are  facing immense hardships due to being snowbound and absence of  proper snow clearance mechanism. “The government should have been on tenterhooks to tackle the situation. However, such is the sorry state of affairs that majority of the areas in Kashmir are without drinking water, power  and are cut-off from other areas as snow is yet to be cleared from the main roads. There is huge dearth of essentials and the government is caught napping,” Veeri said in a statement.

PDP General Secretary and Former Minister Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura said that  in view of the present inclement weather in Kashmir, the government didn’t take any pre-emptive measures to tackle the situation.  Hanjura said that several areas  in Valley have been left in lurch has no official help has reached there.  “Contrary to what the government claims, there has been no  snow clearance in far flung areas of Chrarisharief constituency like Branwar Darwan Chalian Chuntinar Kanidajan Nagabal Dalwan Shankerpora Gogjipathri Shumnag Muqam Dembal Hangoo Neegu Jabad Bonen Kutbal and other areas.  It is ironic that the government has neglected these areas in an outright manner,” Hanjura said, while urging the administration to  ensure all arrangements including the readiness of snow cutter machines are put in place.

Senior PDP leader Mansoor Hussain Suhrawardy has slammed the administration over its ill-preparedness to tackle the snowfall aftermath, stating that the administration is making farce claims over cleaning the from the roads an  restoring essential supplies. “I am in Shangus Constituency at present and what I have found so far is the dismal performance of the administration to deal with the situation. There have been no snow cutter machines put in place and there are plethora of areas in Shangus where people are suffering  due to the paucity of water, electricity and other essential commodities,” Mansoor said and urged the administration to press men and machinery into service so that people  aren’t made to suffer amid the harsh weather conditions.

PDP’s Srinagar district President and MLC Mohammad Khurshid Alam has termed the present situation that has emerged due to snowfall a reflection of how the Governor’s rule has failed to provide any relief to the people on ground.  Alam said that the people are facing lot of inconvenience on account of essentials services like supply of electricity, water and availability of ration, Kerosene oil, LPG and medicines. “There is no men and machinery ready so that snow is cleared immediately after the snowfall besides that there are least number of dewatering pumps for low lying and inundated areas. The fact is that people have been pushed into the precipice of a disaster and the administration is giving a damn to peoples’ woes ,” Alam said.

The PDP leaders also urged the administration to restore water and electricity in affected areas of Kashmir and ensure that snow is cleared from the roads and connectivity to the hospitals is restored sans further delay.


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