Land owners of BSNL towers ‘without rent for five months’

QNS Correspondent

Srinagar: Land owners who have rented their spaces at different locations to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) have accused the government telecommunication company of “not paying their rent on time ever.”

A group of land owners told QNS that the company never pays the rent on time and it has been now five months on a stretch that they have received any penny from the company.

“We are facing huge financial problems and they should understand this. For many of us the rent is the only source of income. Apart from the financial issue, we face huge inconvenience as people come to our home when there is some problem in the network,” said one the land owners.

“We protect their infrastructure in these hard times but they have no sense of responsibility,” he added.

They said that have called the tower incharge many times but he keeps “delaying the matter” using “different excuses”.

“When we pushed for our rights by calling him again and again, he said that we must go the General Manager,” they said adding that “they have to beg for their own money by going from pillar to post.”

The group requested the authorities to look into their matter on urgent basis as they are facing huge problems.


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