Holding Assembly polls on time a test for PM Modi: Omar

Srinagar: Asserting that holding Assembly elections on time is a test for the Prime Minister, National Conference (NC) Vice President Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said that any delay in the polls would mean that Modi-led government has deteriorated the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Hitting out at the PM, he said that the Election Commission (EC) had to postpone its scheduled visit to J&K due to upcoming visit of Mr Modi to all three regions of the state, including Jammu, Srinagar and Ladakh.

โ€œTheย EC was forced to postpone its visit to the state due to PM Modiโ€™s visit,โ€ย Mr Abdullah, who is the former chief minister of the state, told reporters in Shangus in south Kashmir district of Anantnag.

The NC Vice President said his party was ready for elections. โ€œElections shouldnโ€™t be postponed in the state. They should be held within six months as per Supreme Court guidelines. I think it is a test for PM Modi,โ€ he said.

โ€œHas Mr Modi and his government deteriorated the situation in Jammu and Kashmir to an extent that elections canโ€™t be held? PM Modi has to decide this,โ€ he alleged.

Meanwhile, while addressing party workers at Beerwah in central Kashmir district of Budgam, Mr Abdullah said that the forthcoming elections are crucial for safeguarding the special status of state besides deciding the scope of development for next half a decade.

โ€œPeople of the state this time should make clear to those sitting on power corridors in New Delhi how passionately the people of State feel about their identity. Only a democratic government can satiate the developmental needs of the state, and that governor not being a peopleโ€™s representative cannot decide on crucial issues that the state is facing,โ€ he said.

โ€œThe mammoth task of putting state back on the track of development which includes giving due representation to Pir Panchal and Chenab regions, infrastructure augmentation in health and education sector, diversification of agriculture can only be executed by a democratically elected government with the active participation of people,โ€ he added.

Omar said that people of the state want elections as soon as possible. โ€œPeople donโ€™t want to wait any more for elections. A Governor, owing to its non representative character cannot do what a democratically elected government can do,โ€ he said.



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