All roads leading to historic Lal Chowk closed

Srinagar: All roads leading to historic Lal Chowk, the nerve centre of the summer capital, Srinagar, have been closed for any civilian movement today, when state is celebrating Republic Day (RD).
The Amira Kadal, the otherwise busy bridge on river Jehlum connecting Hari Singh High Street (HSHS) with Lal Chowk, has been closed with barbed wire from both sides. Nobody was being allowed to cross the bridge and people were directed to take Budshah Bridge route to reach civil lines.
Similar road blocks were put at Regal Chowk, Court road, Aftab Lane, bus stand lane and Koker Bazar. Large number of security forces and state police personnel remained deployed in the entire civil lines, particularly at Gantaghar, Lal Chowk and Budshah Chowk to prevent any protests.
In the past some individual tried to hoist the national flag at Lal Chowk and Gantaghar during RD and Independence Day (ID) who were prevented and later taken into custody only to be released later. Some separatists leaders also attempted to protest on these important functions.
Business and other activities remained paralysed in Srinagar and streets wore a deserted look with only security forces deployed in strength after every ten feets.



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