Khardung La avalanche; 8 bodies retrieved, opr continues to recover 2 more

Srinagar: Rescue operation was resumed on Wednesday morning to recover two more bodies of labourers who were buried alive under a huge snow avalanche alongwith eight others at Khardung-La pass in Ladakh region on Friday morning.
So far eight bodies of labourers were recovered by the rescue teams from different rescue agencies, official sources told UNI.
The rescue operation which was stopped last night due to extreme chill and darkness was resumed this morning again.
They said a group of ten labourers from Zanaskar were buried alive under a huge snow avalanche at Khardung La Pass on Friday at about 0700 hrs when they were loading snow on two trucks for making a snow helipad for trail landing of helicopter of a private company.
However, after receiving information all resources of the Fire & Fury Corps were activated.ย ย Army teams deployed near the incident site swiftly moved and commenced the search & rescue operations. Troops deployed at South Pullu & North Pullu were also moved to the incident site.
Simultaneously, the Army Aviation helicopters were pressed into action to move the highly trained avalanche rescue teams of the Army called โ€œAvalanche Panthers Teamsโ€ from Siachen Base Camp and North Pullu.
These teams are equipped with specialised avalanche rescue equipment, medical equipment and avalanche rescue dogs, which are being utilised in the search and rescue operations.
Army Aviation helicopters were also used to move the Deep Search Radars which can detect human beings through snow.ย ย Medical teams along with doctors and nursing assistants , heating blankets, medical equipment and warm clothing were moved to the avalanche site from the Army Hospital at Hunder.
The rescue operations are still in progress, they said adding since the Run Out Zone of the avalanche is about 1100 metres down the steep hill side the operation was getting delayed.
Sources said on January Friday five bodies were recovered before the operation was stopped due to extreme cold and darkness. Later, next day two more bodies were recovered on Saturday and anotherย ย bodyย ย yesterday.



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