Coalition government not in J&Kโ€™s interests: Omar

Kulgam: Seeking a strong mandate in the next Assembly elections, former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said coalition government was not in the interest of the Jammu and Kashmir.
The coalition governments in J&K has proved detrimental to stateโ€™s interests and that the need of the hour is to have a strong, single mandated government to carry forward the agenda of peace, development and reconciliation, the Vice President of the National Conference (NC) said.
Addressing party functionaries, workers and delegates at Chawalgam, Kulgam he said, โ€œIt augments good for a state like that of ours to have a strong mandated government, which has an ideologically defined position, and a vested interest in protecting stateโ€™s position and giving honest governance.โ€
โ€œA decisive leadership is what will salvage the state from tumultuous times, and guard the special position against the onslaught of those who are contriving hard to destroy it,โ€ he added.
Omar said, โ€œPeople bear testimony as to how PDP bared all alleged insults of BJP bald-facedly for the sake of power. People do remember how PM Narender Modi publically rebuffed Late Mufti Syed by retorting in strong words, โ€˜On Kashmir, I donโ€™t need any ones advice or analysesโ€™. However PDP owing to its penchant and enchantment for power tossed down the earth-shattering insult patently.โ€
โ€œGiven the fact she had to made plethora of compromises, she should be the last person to speak in favor of coalition,โ€ he said.
Mr Omar maintained that coalition governments have proven indecisive and frail towards rising up to the aspirations of people. โ€œThe former PDP-BJP government was no different. Perhaps the amount of anarchy that prevailed in the former BJP-PDP led government was much higher however the lust for power kept them together for a while,โ€ he said adding after having two unsuccessful coalitions to her credit Mehbooba is cheekily vouching for the same.
โ€œHer last coalition misadventure was again proved detrimental for the state. She however stuck to it ingesting all insults to save her chair,โ€ he said.
Mr Omar said the kind of havoc that Muftis bequeathed the state while in government with BJP is alive in the explicit memories of people. โ€œThis time the people of state should make it a point to have a strong mandated government in place that could undo the imprudent policies of former BJP-PDP government,โ€ adding that the wave which PDP and BJP kept harping on in 2014 turned out to be tsunami for the people of the state.
He said that a decisive leadership is what will salvage the state from tumultuous times, and guard the special position. โ€œOur state is beset with issues like attack on its identity, development deficit and non-existence of any reconciliation and rapprochement policy.
The special needs of the state necessitates for a strong government that could satiate the aspirations of the people of state,โ€ he said.
Mr Omar impressed on the party functionaries and workers to work tirelessly towards having a strong government of National Conference. โ€œOnly NC boasts a panacea for stateโ€™s problems. We have a developmental road map in shape of โ€˜Naya Kashmirโ€™ that espouses an idea of inclusive growth. We have a political road map, and the party has already submitted the Autonomy document to the government of India. Our party has the sincerity of thought, history of sacrifice and the vitality to stand for the interests of state,โ€ he said adding that with the active participation of people we will be able to achieve our anticipated goals.



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