Your Govt does’t know how to fight ‘Terrorism’: Soz to Modi

Srinagar: No, Modi Ji, your Govt does not know how to fight ‘terrorism’ Prof. Saifuddin Soz, Former Union Minister has said in a statement today.

“I have convinced myself that PM Modi’s assertion that his Govt. had fought terrorism best, is not correct. Two main planks of the Modi Govt.’s strategy to fight ‘terrorism’ in Kashmir, has been to use ‘More and More’ force.

Modi Govt.’s Chief of the Army has always been fond of Surgical Strikes on the LOC and the result of the two ‘Surgical Strikes’ is before all of us, the statement said.

While the reality of this strategy is that the so-called Surgical Strikes have been happening from both sides of the border, in normal course. The New dimension is only ‘The Hype’.

The other element of the new strategy is to use more and more force. Well, this plank of the new policy has also failed as by admission of the Local Commanders and the J&K Police, it has established that ‘Fresh Recruitment to the Militancy, is a growing situation, by the day’!

The figures of killings of civilians and forces had increased since 2014 as per the figures issued by MHA in August, 2018, the statemnet added.

Many senior serving Generals in the Army and the Retd. ones, have been suggesting that Modi Govt. should conclusively realize that the best strategy happens to be to kill ‘Terrorism rather than the Terrorists’! A corollary to fight terrorism best is to tackle it (terrorism) in the minds only. The way to that proposition is through Dialogue and Discussion.

The sooner PM Modi and his General realize this reality on ground, the better.”


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