Govt has no objection to hold J&K Assembly polls along with LS polls: Rajnath

New Delhi: The government has no objection to hold assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir along with the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Thursday.
Replying to a debate on the statutory resolution for the promulgation of President’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir, Mr Singh said, “our government has no objection in holding assembly elections along with the Lok Sabha election if the Election Commission decides.’’
He said that his government was ready to provide all support to the Election Commission for holding of assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir.
‘’I want to assure the House that the Election Commission will be provided all security forces for holding free and fair elections in Jammu and Kashmir,’’ Mr Singh said.
Refuting the charges that the present NDA Government at the Centre is responsible for creating a feeling of alienation among Kashmiris, Mr Rajnath Singh said seeds of this were sown at the time of Independence when the country was partitioned.
‘’Even after Independence no efforts were made to mitigate this feeling of alienation,’’ Mr Singh said.
After the reply of the minister, the resolution was passed by the House by a voice vote.
With the Lok Sabha already having passed the resolution, the resolution has now got the nod of Parliament.
The President’s role had been imposed in Jammu and Kashmir on December 20 on the recommendation of the Governor.
Discussing on proclamation of President’s rule in Jammu & Kashmir, the opposition parties on Thursday asked the government to when it is going to conduct elections in the state.
Taking forward the debate, TMC’s Derek O ‘Brien said when he visited the state, “I was informed that whenever there was discussion in Parliament about Jammu and Kashmir, no one talks of Leh and Ladhak. They also said tourism can be revived.”
“I would like to ask the government will they conduct the election now or latest by the Lok Sabha. I want assurance from the Home Minister on it.”
Referring to imposition of Governor’s rule in the state, the TMC leader said, “In India, institutions are on stake. Fax machine in Raj Bhawan is one of the cases. Every institutions are being destroyed.”
Attacking the government over nationalism, he added, “It is not a copyright of one party and if you say you are nationalist please heal Kashmir. Kashmir is Paradise and I urge this government not to turn it into hell.”
RJD’s Manoj Jha said, “Kashmir is an integral part of India but why disparity is being done to it.”
On operations being carried out by the security establishments he said, “When you take overt operation on poster, alienation is bound to happen. Our security forces in 1971 had changed the world map and gave a new country. But they never came on poster then.” The government should stop this.
Most of the opposition leaders raked up alliance between PDP and BJP and called it as unethical alliance and said whatever has happened, it was bound to.
PDP’s Mir Mohammad Fayaz said 3.5 years back Mufti Mohammad Saeed had thought that Prime Minister Modi had got huge mandate and he can solve the Kashmir issues. … Now, the situation has arisen that the Kashmir is getting away from India.”
BJD’s Anubav Mohanty urged all the members to find a solution to this menace. “If there is any paradise on earth, it is in Kashmir. Till when India is there, Kashmir will remain with it.”
Samajwadi Party’s lawmaker Ram Gopal Yadav said, “We should never underestimate our enemy. You did surgical strike and spread propaganda but you are not able to stop infiltration till now. When you do such operation, one should not reveal it.”
He also said, “You have done a great work by appointing a political person as Governor of the state… appointment of army officers or bureaucracy as Governor was not a good and they were not right persons.”
CPI’s D Raja said, “It is unconstitutional and undemocratic part of the government. Please look at the young people, why are they in unrest.”



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