PDP hits out at BJP over Triple Talaq Bill, says don’t create Zia-ul-Haq’s Pak, in Gandhi’s India

Srinagar: Upping the ante at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for brining Triple Talaq bill in Parliament, People Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti asked the saffron party not to create Zia-ul-Haq’s Pakistan in Gandhi’s secular India.
Ms Mehbooba, who was the chief minister in previous PDP-BJP coalition government, said ‘after economic onslaught on Muslims through meat and leather ban, the BJP has now intruded in our families through this Bill’.

Opposing the bill, she said the best is to empower Muslim women to be able to face the world independently in case of a breakup.
“Being a Muslim, who has gone through a broken marriage, I thought it is my duty to speak at a time when there is an assault on the family structure of Muslims. After creating division on religious and sectarian lines, BJP, now wants to divide Muslim families through Triple Talaq bill,” Ms Mehbooba told reporters during a press conference here on Monday.
She said Muslims pride themselves for having strong family structure and bonding and the same is true for other religions in the east, and as compared to west our family bonding is strong.
“After economic onslaught on Muslims through meat and leather ban, they have intruded in our families through Triple Talaq Bill. The bill will not only affect the families, but will also create problems for a woman economically,” she said.
“Marriage is a contract in Muslims and deserting a woman is a very bad thing. But if two people don’t want to live together they can separate their ways through proper understanding,” Ms Mehbooba said.
“I have gone through a broken marriage and the biggest problem of a woman after separation is financial independence. How is she going to take care of her kids is the biggest problem which she faces at that time,” she said, adding the best is to empower Muslim women to be able to face the world independently in case of a breakup.
Hitting out at the saffron party, she said when we talk will BJP about reservation for Muslims, they reject it on religious lines. But, she said when it comes to such kind of laws, then they (BJP) run to Parliament. “Not a single Muslim MP has endorsed the bill, it speaks volumes about it,” she said.
The PDP President said democracy is not run through brute majority, it is about consensus. “Muslims accepted the decision of SC on invalidity of Triple Talaq, unlike the Sabarimala verdict. They openly say that whatever the decision comes on Babri Masjid, Ram temple will be built there. But Muslims are very obedient, they have obeyed the SC ruling on Triple Talaq and will accept ruling on Babri Masjid,” she said.
“Indian Muslims and we from J&K which is a Muslim majority state, decided to stay with Gandhi’s secular democratic India and let us not convert it into Zia-ul-Haq’s nation,” she added.
Ms Mehbooba said BJP claims that it wants to carry forward the legacy of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, but by intruding into the families of Muslims by brining such a bill. “They are not doing justice to the former PM’s legacy and are not doing any good to the country or Hindus,” she added.



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