Srinagar records coldest Dec night in 28 years at minus 7.6 degree

Srinagar: World famous Dal Lake and other waterbodies, besides taps, were frozen on Thursday after the summer capital, Srinagar recorded the coldest December night in 28 years as the mercury dipped further and settled at minus 7.6 degree.
However, sun was out today though the intensity of the heat was very low due to cold breeze, affecting normal life.
The mercury in the summer capital dipped further about two degree from Wednesday and settled at minus 7.6 degree, which is the coldest night recorded in Srinagar in 28 years. Before this, the coldest night in this month was witnessed in Srinagar on December 7, 1990, when the mercury settled at minus 8.8 degree.
An all time low night temperature recorded in Srinagar in this month was minus 12.8 degrees on December 13, 1934.
Majority water bodies were frozen in Srinagar and outskirts due to drop in the temperature. Stagnated water in open fields, roads and other places had also frozen.
Reports from different parts of the city, including civil lines, stated that water taps were also frozen, affecting water supply. A number of water supply schemes were also affected due to shortage of water as snow on upper reaches, source of these schemes, had frozen.
People in some areas were seen trying to defreeze frozen taps. However, to evade this problem, some people have covered their over ground taps with cloths and specially made nylon covers.
The famed Dal Lake, major tourist attraction in the city, was also frozen, particularly near banks and interior areas. People, including tourists, could be seen visiting the Dal Lake area this morning to take photographs over frozen surface. Some people were seen throwing stones and paper balls on frozen surface.
Meanwhile, Shikarawalas were struggling to move forward on frozen surface of the lake though people were hesitating to walk over frozen surface.
The situation in the interior parts of Dal Lake was entirely different as people were walking freely on frozen surface, which has become very hard now. However, frozen surface melts near the banks as the day progress.
The Met department spokesman said weather will remain dry and chilly during the next 24 hours in the city.



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