Indonesia tsunami death toll soars to 429

Jakarta: The death toll from the tsunami that hit the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra on Saturday night has reached 429 with almost 1,500 injured and 154 missing.
Indonesian rescuers are using heavy machinery, drones, special cameras and sniffer dogs to search for survivors and dig bodies out of mud and wreckage along a 100-km stretch of Java’s west coast, officials said, warning that more victims are expected to be uncovered as the search expands.
“There are several locations that we previously thought were not affected,” Spokesman for Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency Yusuf Latif said on Tuesday, adding many victims were uncovered after reaching more remote areas.
The devastation, caused by the tsunami on coastal areas of western Java and southern Sumatra, spread across five districts of both islands, with Pandeglang district on the western coast of Java was the worst hit.



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