Party condemns antiโ€”Muslim rants made at Dahram Sansad, says BJP can never be trusted again to govern JK in any capacity

BJP trying to repeat 2008 like situation in JK for electoral gains: PDP

Srinagar:ย Stating that the BJP is trying to create 2008 like situation in the state for electoral gains, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has strongly condemned the hateful language and threats issued to the Muslim community during the โ€˜Dharam Sansadโ€™ organized by VHP and RSS at Jammu.

According to a statement issued here, former minister and senior PDP leader Naeem Akhtar said that by promoting such hatred and negativity, the BJP has once again established that it can never again be trusted as a party of governance in a composite state like Jammu and Kashmir and that it has blocked its entry into the power structure of the state for ever.

He added that it was unfortunate that the BJP which is ruling the country organized the event like Dharam Sansad in Jammu and senior party leaders including its President attended it.

Condemning the hateful speeches made during event against the Muslim community of the state, Akhtar expressed hope that both the majority as well as the minority community of Jammu will respond responsibly by ignoring such rants and preserve the soul and spirit of Jammu which is an asset for the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir. โ€œPeople like me who have been part of the growth of Jammu into an inclusive and composite society over the past decades are of considered view that the sentiments expressed at the Dharam Sansad do not coincide with the general opinion of the people of Jammu. If these imported voices are even tolerated within the state, it would first hit Jammu itself as we have witnessed what happened in Kashmir society in 1990,โ€ Akhtar cautioned.

The PDP leader remarked that if the leaders of these right wing nationalist organizations claim to be โ€œreligiousโ€, they should try to become good human beings and speak of inclusive growth and prosperity. โ€œGood human beings and not the religious bigotry is what one needs for the prosperity of any nation. The groups who are out to spread hate and resurrect the demon of communalism must learn from history and from contemporary situation in the world,โ€ Akhtar said.

He added that such hateful campaigning can lead the country to disaster and Jammu and Kashmir can become the worst victim of it. โ€œWe are already facing problems on different accounts and the government must not provide any public space to such hateful campaigns to take place anywhere in the state,โ€ Akhtar added.


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