Civilian killings: Massacre of Dozen Innocent Civilians at Pulwama Deserves Strongest Condemnation: Soz

Srinagar: Senior Congress leader Prof. Saifuddin Soz, Former Union Minister said Massacre of Dozen Innocent Civilians at Pulwama Deserves Strongest Condemnation in a statement to the press, today.

β€œI strongly condemn the use of extremely excessive force at Pulwama by the forces in which a dozen innocent civilians are reported to have been killed.

While having condemned heart-rending killings, I raise a question for the Modi Govt. as to what it wants to achieve through the massacres in Kashmir, one after the other.

The Central Govt. doesn’t see the writing on the wall that the number of killings through the use of excessive force generates enormous reaction by the armed militants and, therefore, the turmoil on ground.

In my opinion, the use of excessive force by the Army and Para-forces produces a wave of fresh recruitments into the armed militancy, all the time.

I am one of those who had been warning the Centre that its excessive use of force in Kashmir will never help it in any manner.

Modi Govt. should see a clear writing on the wall that the easiest way to settle Kashmir dispute is through the dialogue.

I consider the Joint Resistance Leadership as a nucleolus that can ensure a purposeful dialogue to resolve the dispute in Kashmir.

In my opinion, the Joint Resistance Leadership offers a unique opportunity to the Central Govt. to initiate a purposeful dialogue in Kashmir, without losing any further time.

A number of senior Military Generals have been suggesting to the Central Govt. that the political problem can be resolved best through the political dialogue.”


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