Pro dialogue military voices, most welcome: Soz

Srinagar:Β Former Union Minister and senior Congress leaderΒ Prof. Saifuddin Soz today saidΒ pro-dialogue military voices are most welcomed, a statement issued here said.

Soz said, β€œI heartily welcome Lt. General A.K. Bhat’s statement that there is no military solution to Kashmir and this issue can be resolved best through the dialogue process.

It is a very sane voice and I am happy to say that General Bhat’s thinking is in line with many Generals in the Army and, particularly, Military leaders like General D.S. Hooda.

Soz urge Lt. General A.K. Bhat to move a step further and try to create awakening in India that by using extraordinary force in Kashmir, things can only worsen by the day.

Lt. General Bhat could also convince the senior leadership in the Army that the draconian law like AFSPA has only worked against the interests of India by deepening the alienation of Kashmiris, all these years.

I can assure General Bhat that if he tries to buttress his assessment of the strife in Kashmir by action, people like me will be available to promote that process, Soz said.

I think General Bhat can also appreciate that a purposeful dialogue can be initiated best with the JRL (Joint Resistance Leadership) and sooner this process is initiated, the better for India.”


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