Omar says Raj Bhavan fax machine strangulated democracy, right to challenge dissolution lies with PDP

“Madhav’s dream of Govt formation didn’t cherish, alliance was for protecting Article 35-A”
Srinagar: National Conference (NC) vice president and former chief minister Omar Abdullah said that the fax machine made a one way instrument just like a traffic signal light strangulated democracy as the outgoing faxes were sent but the incoming faxes couldn’t be received adding that “right to challenge the dissolution of assembly by taking a legal course lies with the PDP, the party which staked claim to form the government on our assurance for outside support and outright support by Congress party.”

KNS news agency reported that while addressing a press conference in Srinagar Omar said, “strangely the fax machine was rendered defunct when PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti wanted to fax a letter for staking claim for formation of a government with our outside support and outright support by the Congress party but barely few minutes later the Governor’s fax machine worked when he sent an order on dissolution of assembly.”
Saying that the alliance between the three parties National Conference (NC), Congress and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was about to take shape for defending article 35-A in January next year and safeguard the special status of the state, Omar said, “Governor himself admitted the horse trading from the other side which had claimed the support of 18 MLAs who were bound to vote and support as per the whip of the party. Governor admits the defection of 18 MLAs by the other side but he won’t find any scope to level of horse trading charges against any of the three parties NC, PDP and Congress which had come together for forming a government to defend strongly Article 35-A, safeguard special status of the state particularly Article 370 and recommend the dissolution of assembly before the commencement of Lok Sabha elections next year so that Jammu and Kashmir would go for assembly and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously.”
Daring Ram Madhav to substantiate with evidence his allegations against NC, Congress and PDP on taking instructions from Pakistan for government formation in Jammu and Kashmir, former CM said, “Ram Madhav can’t deliver sermons to us who have lost 3000 party workers for refusing to take instructions from Pakistan and instead sacrificing lives for the country. He must come out with evidence in defense of his allegations and otherwise tender an apology for the random allegations he has leveled against NC, Congress and PDP.”
Saying that Ram Madhav was dreaming of forming a government in Jammu and Kashmir, Omar said “sorry to say that Ram Madhav’s dream of forming a government in Jammu and Kashmir didn’t cherish.”



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