Says β€œnot possible to appear in trial every day, case in safe hands”

Some new faces trying to earn out of it: Adv Deepika over her drop from Kathua rape case
Srinagar: Soon after the family of Kathua rape and murder victim dropped the lawyer for not attending the trails at Pathankot, Advocate Deepika Singh Rajawat on Thursday said that some new faces are trying to earn out of it by disassociating her from the case.

Talking to KNS news agency, Advocate Deepika said that it is for the first time in her entire career that a client has filed an application to drop her in their case. β€œI am thankful to everyone for either extending their support or hurling abuses on me for taking up the case but I firmly believe that intend behind filing an application to disassociate me from the case clearly vindicates that some new faces are ready to get advantage of it,” she said.
Stating that she has talked to the victim’s family but they are quite willing to drop her from the case, Advocate Deepika admitted that she couldn’t appear in the trial many times, saying that she has to deal with number of cases at Jammu too, she has to appear before the court in favour of her other clients as well.
β€œIt is not possible for me to go to Pathankot every day. It is an admitted fact that I couldn’t appear in trail several times but is it possible to attend the trail every day? Shall I not suffer financially? I have to see many things including other cases at Jammu,” she said, adding that at a time when senior lawyers are already pleading the case in a well manner then what is the need of her appearance in the trial.
She said that if the family has decided to drop her from the case, then let them go with their decision. β€œI am not answerable to anyone except myself,” she said, adding that the case was shifted to Pathankot because of her efforts and the case is going well due to her efforts. β€œI have fought for them and I have done whatever was possible for me,” she said.
Referring to a query about the case, Advocate Deepika said, β€œThe case is in safe hands.”
Earlier in this year, Advocate Rajawat soon after the rape and murder of Kathua nomadic girl took a lead to spearhead the cause of victim family.
Advocate Rajawat as per her statements in media also received death threats ever since she became associated with the case.
Reports said that all the eight persons accused in the case have been arrested by the police and are under custody.
Top Court of India earlier this also transferred the hearing of the case to a Pathankot Court that has been holding the trial on a day-to-day basis.



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