Compensate the affected adequately: Shameema Firdous to admin Chattabal fire victims left in lurch: Irfan Shah

NC expresses grief over fire incident

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Women’s Wing President and MLA Habba kadal Shameema Firdous on Saturday expressed sorrow over the conflagration that gripped Chinkral Mohalla neighborhood of the Habbakadal locality.

According to a statement issued here, while expressing grief over the fire incident she said, β€œIn this hour of grief I stand with the affected families who have lost all their belongings in the massive fire.”

She visited the fire victims and expressed solidarity with the families. β€œSuch incidents are unfortunate. The administration should wake from slumber and take all necessary action to ensure that such incidents don’t recur. The thickly populated areas of the city are prone to such fire incidents. Incumbent administration should increase the fire preparedness to meet with such eventualities,” she said.

Shameema Firdous urged the administration to compensate the losses to beleaguered families at an earliest before the onset of harsh winters. β€œThe families should be provided all necessary items to reconstruct their houses at subsidized rates without any delay. Meantime the daily requirements of the families should also be taken care of,” she said

Meanwhile Central Secretary Irfan Shah has expressed dismay over the lackluster approach of the administration to compensate the Chatabal fire victims.

β€œThe distressed families of Chattabal area whose houses were gutted are on roads seeking financial help from the government to rebuild their houses. The administration, it seems has shut its eyes and ears to the pitiable condition of fire victims,” he said.


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