RSS-BJP browbeat Supreme Court on Ram Temple: Soz

Srinagar: Senior Congress leader Prof Saifuddin Soz on Wednesday alleged that RSS and BJP sangathan has started browbeating the highest court of the country by openly warning it to respect the sentiments of Hindu who want a Ram temple at Ayodhiya.
β€œI feel immensely sad that India has fallen to lowest of its low through the flawed governance of the RSS-BJP combine, former union minister Prof SozΒ Β said in a statement here today.
He alleged the so-called Sangathan wants the Supreme Court to decide the title in its favour so that the way is cleared for building a Ram Temple as soon as possible.
β€œThe Sangathan wants to dictate the judicial system to understand that there was nothing higher than the Hindu sentiments that has set the priority afresh, keeping the election 2019 in view,he said.
He said many loud-mouthed leaders have already set the narrative for all the concerned. The Supreme Court’s pangs for the New Development may never be known to the public, but the Law abiding Janata has started worrying for this last citadel of hope- the Supreme Court of India!
β€œLet us raise a prayer, through for a different reason, with our revered jurist, Fali S Nariman, May God save the Supreme Court of India”, the statement said.


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