Says, β€˜met 5 delegations, asked all political parties to participate in Panchayat polls’

Talks not a one way root to peace: Rajnath Singh
Srinagar: Home Minister Rajnath Singh at the end of his one day visit to Srinagar said that talks are not one way root to peace and for peace Pakistan will have to create a conducive atmosphere for talks. Urging all political parties to participate in panchayat polls, Rajnath said every panchayat will have the powers to utilize Rs 60-70 lakhs per year.

As per the Kashmir News Service (KNS) correspondent, addressing a press conference before his departure to Delhi Rajnath Singh during a press conference in Srinagar claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Pakistan to meet his Pakistani counterpart and his family to establish good neighborly relations with that country but Pakistan didn’t contemplate any step for creating a conducive atmosphere for talks to resolve issues including Kashmir and establish peace in the region.
Complementing Jammu and Kashmir government for the conduct of Urban Local Body elections, Home Minister urged all political parties to participate in the upcoming Panchayat elections and declared that panchayats will be empowered to the extent of utilizing Rs 60-70 lakhs per year for developing basic infrastructure and fast tracking development in every village of the state. He said that five delegations including the teams of four largest mainstream political parties met him and apprised him about the developing situation in Jammu and Kashmir, adding that β€œI urged them to participate in the upcoming elections in the state as democracy is the mother of solutions to all conflicts.
Announcing that the central government is contemplating a move to launch a major offensive against corruption, Rajnath Singh said β€œhe during his several meetings with different delegations was told that corruption is one of the main reasons for the uneasy situation in Kashmir and I assure the people that corruption will be eradicated.” He announced that officers and officials playing a role in curbing corruption will be awarded suitably by the state government.
Claiming that India was tenth largest growing economy five years back and is sixth largest global economy right now, Rajnath Singh appealed people to cooperate with the government in bringing Jammu and Kashmir into the category of most developed states of India.
Declaring that doors are open for talks to one and all, Home Minister said β€œwe are not opposed to talks but talks are not a one sided affair but the people will have to cooperate with the government to establish a conducive atmosphere for talks.”
Announcing Rs 5 lakhs ex-gratia relief for each one of the families of the blast victims of Kulgam, Home Minister Rajnath Singh offered his condolences to the bereaved families and said that the government in Delhi is also shocked over the innocent killings in the unfortunate incident in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district. He also announced that the road transport ministry of the central government is preparing DPRs for linking border areas Gurez, Karnah and Keran by road.



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