Pakistan seeks ‘peace’ with India, praises China

Riyadh: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said here on Tuesday that Pakistan wants peace with all its neighbours, particularly with India and Afghanistan, for regional peace and stability.
Times of Islamabad reports, while addressing the Future Investment Initiative Conference, Khan said, “Peace with India would help the two countries to divert their resources towards human development instead of indulging in arms race.”
Responding to a question about terrorism, PTI leader, Khan said, “Pakistan has achieved great successes in the fight against terrorism due to unprecedented sacrifices in human and material.” “Pakistan needs a lasting peace and stability to provide an enabling environment to the local and foreign investors in different projects in the country,” he added.
“Similarly peace in Afghanistan would help Pakistan to have an easy access to the Central Asian States for bilateral economic and trade activities.”
Set to sign a deal worth more than $50 bn in oil, gas and infrastructure sectors amongst others, the annual business conference was supposed to feature at least 150 high-profile speakers from about 140 firms, however, some 40 participants are understood to have pulled out to stand in solidarity with the world over the death of WP journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Replying to a question about Pak China relations and the CPEC, the Prime Minister said, “Pakistan admires the Chinese leadership’s measures to bring out seven hundred million population out of poverty and convicting over four hundred corrupt elements to purge their society of corruption and crimes.”
“China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a flagship project under Belt and Road initiative of President Xi Jinping and it would help the entire landscape in the region through greater connectivity and development projects.”
“Pakistan is going to set up special economic zones along the CPEC routes to generate economic activity and employment for our people.” He further added that the CPEC would open up road and sea routes for Pakistan through Gwadar, Central Asia and the Middle East.
The Prime Minister particularly highlighted the investment opportunities in Pakistan in the minerals including coal, copper, zinc, oil and gas and religious tourism.
“Corrupt elite systematically destroys state-institutions to shield their corruption. We are taking initiatives to strengthen state-institutions”, stated Khan.
Speaking on the country’s financial crisis, he said that PTI government has inherited a huge burden of current account and fiscal deficits and we are working on different fronts to get out of this financial crunch.
He said, “Our government is approaching the IMF and the friendly countries to seek loans to plug this financial gap, alongwith endeavoring to reform our institutions to check the menace of corruption in mega development projects and white collar crimes.”
“PTI is also going to provide enabling environment for doing business in Pakistan to attract the foreign investors particularly the overseas Pakistanis to invest in various projects in the country.”
“The government will provide incentives to overseas Pakistanis to send their remittances through banking channels to enhance our foreign exchange reserves and check money laundering.”
To a question, Imran Khan said his government is focusing on creating jobs for the youth who form the one hundred million population of Pakistan to harness their talent.
He said for this purpose an ambitious plan of constructing five million houses has already been launched to provide affordable shelter to the poor segments of the society.



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