Suspension of Kashmiri students worst dictatorship, travesty of democracy’

Srinagar: JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik here on Monday alleged that the harassment of Kashmiri students amounts to persecution and India by using these authoritarian orders is proving itself as a banana republic.

Alleging that throwing students out of educational institution to deprive them from seeking education is worst dictatorship and travesty of democracy.
In his message, JKLF chairman said that suspension and removal of four students at Ali-Garh Muslim University for allegedly offering funeral prayers in absentia for their former colleague, is a shameful act which amounts to persecution of Kashmiris in the name of so-called Indian national interest. Throwing students out of educational institution and thus deprive them from seeking education can only be termed as worst dictatorship and is in every respect condemnable act.
Yasin Malik said that Indian rulers, their authorities, media, vice chancellors, police, agencies and forces who have all turned into viceroys of new age should introspect and visit this page of Indian history of freedom movement too so that they can collect some humility and envisage the value of freedom fighters. By suspending these students and scholars for offering prayers for a fellow scholar you are pushing them to the wall and asking them to tread path of ultimate sacrifice. Isn’t this a criminal act of the state and isn’t this promoting violence, asked JKLF chairman.
He said that Kashmiris stand behind their new generation and students and reject these acts of persecution by Indian state and we appeal to the international community to intervene and ask Indian state to refrain from this bullying.



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