Inaugurates infrastructure projects to boost livestock production

Dr Samoon for starting camel safaris for tourism promotion in Ladakh

LEH: Principal Secretary Animal, Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries, and Transport Department. Dr Asgar Hassan Samoon concluded five -day Ladakh tour today.

He was accompanied by Dr Sharief, Director SHD Kashmir, Dr. Reyaz, Joint Director Poultry and other officers.

During the visit, Dr Samoon laid the foundation stone of new District veterinary Hospital complex at Damboochan Leh spread on 3 Kanals of land which will be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 4 Crore.

He also visited milk pasteurization plant Ugling also and was was informed by CAHO Leh that plant is nonfunctional and needs replacement of chiller unit, other minor repairs and creation of allied infrastructure at an estimated cost of Rs 50 Lac. The plant has a milk processing capacity of 2000 litres per hour and its operation shall boost dairy sector of the district by establishment of new milk cooperatives and by providing organized milk marketing support.

Samoon also visited Bull mother Farm Ugling. Officers there informed him that some calves out of AI’s conducted with imported semen were born at the station. He was also informed that station has also started AI programme in Yak.

He also visited pashmina rearing plant at industrial estate Leh and officers there informed him that building for the plant has already come up at a cost of Rs 4.4 crore and now there is need to procure new Italian technology plant machinery for processing more and better-quality pashmina.

Dr. Samoon also visited mobile milk vending machine and milk ATM and appreciated officials of Animal Husbandry department for taking such innovative steps for milk marketing. Later he visited Vocational Training center of Animal Husbandry Department where he was showcased exhibition of different garments made of yak/ camel wool and also a flim on yak cheese making was shown on the occasion.

During the visit of poultry Hatchery Chanspa, Dr Samoon inaugurated cheese maturation room, besides visited cattle farm Chanspa, Liquid Nitrogen plant later.

Dr. Samoon also inaugurated Fleece testing lab/ Nutrition Lab of Sheep husbandry department. He also visited Disease investigation lab where state of art lab testing equipmentis installed.

He also visited GIS Centre where he was shown a presentation on animal disease mapping with GIS technology and emphasized on the better use of the technology.

During the visit to Animal Birth Control Center LEH, 3 live sterilization operation of dogs was performed. He directed CAHO Leh to sterilize 20 dogs per day for making a visible change in control of dog population.

Dr. Samoon visited Looms of Ladakh showroom of wool products. Around 215 women (27 self-help groups) have made a cooperative and are selling woven items made of pashmina, sheep, camel and yak wool at the showroom and also maintain quality standards. The showroom generates monthly Rs 6 lac every month. Dr. Samoon appreciated the effort and said that this model should be replicated in other parts of Ladakh.

Dr. Samoon visited double humped camel farm Chuchod where 17 adult camels are being reared by AHD. He directed to start camel safaries for tourists to promote the activities of department. Then he visited trout fish farm/ hatchery at Chuchod and directed officials to complete the construction of Hatchery building in this season and there is a need of promoting trout fish farming in the district. He also interacted with private fish raceway owner established under blue revolution.

He also visited Mohair Goat farm at Skatna where 130 mohair gosts are being reared, zanaskari Equine breeding farm and Russian merino Farm where 130 Changluk sheep and 400 Russian merino sheep are being reared. Dr Samoon called for upgrading the infrastructure of the farms. He also visited a private poultry farmer who was rearing 300 LIT birds at Chuchod and fish aquarium established at shey by Fisheries department.
During his visit to Samad village-150kms from Leh, he met Changpas (a tribal community of Ladakh). The Changpas had around 1200 Yaks and 2900 pashmina goat / Changluk sheep with them. Dr. Samoon highlighted the role of Changpas in preserving the livestock wealth gene pool reservoir of Ladakh. He directed AHD/SHD to provide them solar driven shearing machine and butter churning machine. Dr. Samoon distributed essential veterinary medicines among Changpas and directed officers to make efforts for Pasteur development in the area as the area is scares in fodder.

He also visited Pashmina Farm Upshi where 500 best pashmina goats are being reared. The farm contains 370 Kanals of land which produces 1777 Quintals of fodder. Dr. Samoon directed to increase the rearing capacity of farm to 1000 in a phased manner.

During the last leg of his tour to Leh Dr. Samoon inaugurated Mini Dairy Farm Khalsi and visited common facilitation center of Khaltsi in Leh district.

He also held a meeting with CEC Leh Dorje Motup, DC Leh AvnyLavasa and other officials of AHD, SHD, Fisheries and Transport departments where different issues concerning the departments were raised. CEC requested to start the mini bus service in Leh.
Later during his tour to Kargil he visited Yak Farm Bod Kharbu, Pashmina Goat Farm Khangral, and Karakul Sheep farm Khamburthan in Kargil district.

He inaugurated Stock Assistant Training Institute and interacted with students there.

Dr. Samoon inaugurated sheep vaccine Van procured under Central Wool Dev Board Ministry of Textile Govt. Of India and had a meeting with DC Kargil Vikas Kundal, Director SHD, Director Fisheries, and other Officers where they discussed different issues related to AHD/SHD fisheries and Transport department.

Dr. Samoon informed the participants that livestock rearing can play a major role in employment generation in the region and also directed officers of SHD to develop women cooperatives in the pattern of Looms of Ladakh in Kargil district.

Dr. Samoon visited Fish Farm Damsna where he stocked trout fingerlings in trout raceways. A trout fish hatchery is being constructed under NHPC and farm produces10 Qtl of fish every year. He also visited trout fish farm Khachan. He was informed by CAHO Kargil that AH Department has recently introduced turkeys and guinea fowls in Kargil and chicks of two species are being reared at the poultry farm Kargil.

He also interacted with different delegations of livestock farmers and progressive breeders in Drass. He reiterated introduction of all livestock breeds of Ladakh in Drass as it is a gateway to the region and shall promote tourism in the area.


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