JKLF leaders, activists protest against elections


Srinagar: Chairman of JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday condemned the ‘ongoing military operation’ in the name of Municipal and Panchayat elections in Jammu Kashmir, saying if participation in elections is a democratic right then boycotting these is also a democratic right.
“Spree of arrests and other anti-democratic measures taken by authorities is a glaring example of these elections being bogus and absurd,” Malik said in a statement issued to KNS.
Malik said that on one hand rulers are boasting about upholding democracy but on the other hand a spree of arrests and other anti-democratic measures have been started by authorities that are ‘a glaring example’ of these elections what they termed as being ‘bogus, absurd and undemocratic’.
He said that a military and police operation has been launched in Jammu Kashmir under the garb of Municipal and Panchayat elections. “Many leaders and activists from joint resistance leadership have been arrested, slapped with PSA and shifted to jails outside Kashmir. In addition thousands of youth from every nook and corner of Kashmir have also been detained and are languishing in jails and police stations across the valley,” he said.
Malik said that police and military operation is being named as empowering common masses and strengthening of democracy which is actually ‘ridiculous and absurd’.
Terming elections as ‘harmful’ to the cause and interests of the people of Jammu Kashmir, Malik said that “Indian has always portrayed these elections as being a vote in favor of its illegal occupation on Kashmir.”
He said that “this election process, be it for assembly, Indian parliament, municipal or Panchayats is actually responsible for our miseries as assemblies and forums created by this process formulate and implement laws to put curbs on people, inflict more and more suffering on them and extend our slavery.”
“Election process is responsible for strengthening the military occupation, providing military and forces huge powers to kill, jail, torture and blind people with impunity,” he said, adding that all who participate or vote in these elections are actually damaging the interests of Kashmiris and playing as supporters of India and it is the duty of every Kashmiri to stand firm against aggression, stay away from this process and boycott these elections with passion and valor.
While condemning the ‘ongoing and unrelenting oppression’ in Kashmir, Malik said that innocent killings are going on, beating and humiliating people under the garb of CASO has been expedited, use of black law PSA to cage down political dissent is at its peak and yet oppressors claim to be political and democrats.
“Irony is that oppression is going on in the name of democracy, suppressing peoples voices is on in the name of empowering people through municipality and Panchayats,” he said, adding that this actually is ‘state terrorism under the garb of democracy’ and “the perpetuators of this ugly politics shall know that their political gimmicks and two-faced acts cannot change the reality on ground and will never succeed in weakening people’s resistance against illegal occupation in Jammu Kashmir.”
Meanwhile, on JRL program, various JKLF leaders and activists visited many areas and urged people to stay away from so-called elections. JKLF leaders and activists also staged a peaceful demonstration against this bogus process at Lal Chowk Srinagar.
On JRL program, leaders and activists today staged a peaceful demonstration against elections.
JKLF leaders and activists along with people from other walks of life gathered at Madina Chowk Lal Chowk and staged peaceful demonstrations against upcoming Municipal and Panchayat elections.
Holding placards in hands and raising passionate slogans, protesters sat on a sit-in that was addressed by zonal General Secretary Sheikh Abdul Rashid.



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