Tarigami reacts sharply to Guv’s ‘political parties are not so relevant in Kashmir’ comment

Srinagar: Reacting sharply to Governor’s alleged statement that ‘neither political parties nor other organizations are so relevant in Kashmir’, senior CPI(M) leader Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami said such comment could have been avoided.

Rather, Tarigami said that the Governor could have advised the political leadership in New Delhi to introspect why the political process in Kashmir is becoming irrelevant. “It is not a healthy trend but a serious concern,” he added.

Tarigami, who is MLA from Kulgam, said the political parties and political process being irrelevant is the reason for anger building up in the valley. “We hope that the Governor having vast political experience will analyse and see how serious the implications for the people of the state and the country will be if political parties and political process becomes irrelevant. It is due to this reason that the void created by such situations is filled by extremism and violence,” he said.

He said there is need for serious and sincere initiative from political leadership of the country to arrest this trend of making political parties and political process irrelevant.

But unfortunately, he said whatever is happening on ground is contrary to it. “On ground only security centric measures are being taken to tackle the situation. Perception is growing that the focus of the policy of New Delhi is only security centric vis-a-vis Kashmir. The Governor could have advised the political leadership of the country presently at the helm of affairs to introspect why the political process in Kashmir is becoming irrelevant’,” he said.

“The prevailing unrest is result of denial of justice and neglect. The disillusionment, hopelessness and despondency has led the youth to desperation. There is need to study and analyse the root cause of this problem at the leadership level of the country. But unfortunately over the years, only symptoms are being seen and causes are being ignored,” the CPI(M) leader said.

“Our party’s stand has been that it (Kashmir) is not an exclusive law and order issue but a political problem. The alienation is deep and massive. CPI (M) had always been demanding to hold dialogue with voices of dissent in the state.  The policymakers need to understand it that nothing could be achieved by force and it is only political dialogue which can bring peace. Violence will only deteriorate the situation further. The issue could be solved only through a dialogue and the biggest issue in Kashmir is alienation among people. If it isn’t addressed, the political uncertainty will continue,” he said.

He said allegations are pouring in from various parts of the Valley that arrests are being done indiscriminately. “Experience confirms that mere use of force and coercion has never helped in resolving issues. The confidence of the youth has been shattered and hopelessness is deepening. It needs to be seen how the confidence of youth is restored. Use of excessive force can’t solve it as ways and means other than use of force have to be found,” he added.
An official spokesperson on Tuesday evening said that Tarigami met the Governor at the Raj Bhavan here today.

He said Tarigami discussed important matters with the Governor relating to the prevailing law and order, education and development scenario in the State and apprised about varied problems relating to his Constituency.

The Governor emphasized the crucial importance of making grass root level democratic institutions vibrant for bringing about holistic development of towns and villages.
The Governor urged Tarigami to continue his sustained endeavours for promoting public welfare and for providing avenues to youth to explore their talents in sports and other extracurricular activities.



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