Police solves hit and run case in Srinagar

Srinagar:Β Srinagar police nabs the driver and vehicle of an accused person after an old man died in a hit and run accident few days before, police said.

On Β 24.09.2018 during evening time, an old man was mowed down by an unknown vehicle, who died later in the hospital. The deceased was identified as Syed Muzafer Shah son of Syed Raza Shah resident of Β Sharibhat, Zadibal.

While investigating at the site of occurrence, eye witnesses confirmed the vehicle as white coloured Tata mobile 207, police said.

During further investigation, Police Station Zadibal scanned the CCTV footage from nearby ATM’s and shopsΒ  to check the registration number of vehicle, however the footage couldn’t show much in detail. After in-depth investigation, and help from various sources the police was successful in locating the driver.

The accused has been identified as, Akhtar Rasool Rather son of Ghulam Rasool Rather resident of Margalari Madven Budgam and vehicle registered as JK05A 6921. The police have taken the accused into custody for further proceedings.



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