Accuses congress of playing vote bank politics over Kashmir issue

Er. Rasheed asks congress to come clean on Indo-Pak talks and Kashmir issue

Srinagar: Asking congress party to clear confusions and contradictions vis-Γ -vis Indo-Pak talks and Kashmir issue, MLA Er. Rasheed has accused Congress of playing just vote Bank politics and being false in its commitments and promises.

According to a statement issued here, while referring to cancellation of meeting between Indian and Pakistani foreign ministers Er. Rasheed said β€œThough Kashmiris had no expectations with these traditional and symbolic gestures, it is shocking to see congress leaders like Mani Shankar Ayer, Dig Vijay Singh ad few others urging for resumption of dialogue but the congress spokespersons Abisheikh Singvi not only criticizing the proposed meet between Sushama Sawraj and Shah Mahmood Qureshi, but later hailed the cancellation of talks. It is obvious that Congress is adopting its traditional politics of vote bank and exploitation and thus keeps on changing its stance from time to time as may suit its one point agenda to gain power.

While in Kashmir congress leaders try to be like true Kashmiri nationalists and talk about defending special status to state and also threaten people by speaking continuously against ‘BJP’s Hindutwa agenda’, but in Jammu and rest of the country the party not only talks about dealing Kashmiris with irony hands but also tries to be a party with a more core Hindutwa agenda than the BJP itself. In Kashmir the JKPCC chief G. A. Mir, Tariq Hamid Karah and others do often try to affiliate themselves with the popular sentiments but in Jammu regions the party leaders have a total anti-Kashmir agenda, the statement said.

While BJP government has tried very hard to suppress the genuine voices in Kashmir, congress needs to explain why it has been opposing always any initiative of dialogue process between Indian and Pakistan. Congress leaders especially those from J&K need to answer that what were the reasons of opposing Prime Minister Naridra Modi’s visit to Pakistan and many similar gestures. It is clear that congress party tries to portray its image of being more ultra nationalist than BJP and other likeminded parties, when it has to address the larger vote bank across India”, the statement added.

Er. Rasheed asked congress leaders to explain their stand on various crucial issues. He cautioned congress not to get indulged in dubious politics by trying to appease Kashmiris at home but stabbing them everywhere at national and international forums. He accused congress of trying to keep hostage India’s foreign policy vis-Γ -vis Pakistan only to ensure it gets electoral benefits, the way it has been doing since 1947.


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