Hurriyat (M) welcomes UN human rights council chiefโ€™s statement
Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (M) has welcomed the statement of UN human rights council Michelle Bachelet wherein she has reprimanded the Government of India for not acting on the crucial UN report regarding the grave human rights abuses and violations in Jammu and Kashmir.

Hurriyat (M) spokesman in a statement issued here said that Kashmir is the worldโ€™s most militarized zone with highest concentration of forces who have committed countless human rights violations over the past three decades and continue to do so. โ€œCivilians continue to get killed, maimed disappeared and arrested at their will,โ€ he said.
Hurriyat said that as UN is the worldโ€™s oldest and greatest international forum, Kashmir is also one of the oldest disputes pending before this forum and UN is duty bound to ensure the resolution of this dispute.
The statement said that the statement of head of the UN human rights council Michelle Bachelet reflects that โ€œGoI is not only deeply involved in rights violations in Kashmir but also in muzzling the voice of people peacefully protesting the grave injustices, stands as an eye opener for the world community.โ€
Meanwhile, Hurriyat paid tributes to two armed youth killed in an encounter at Handwara Liyaqat Ahmed Lone, and Furqan Ahmed stating that Kashmiri youth are offering priceless sacrifices for a great and sacred cause and that people and the resistance leadership salute these sacrifices of these freedom fighters.



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