Say Article 35-A necessary for our existence, survival

Khansahib: Thousands of People’s Democratic Front (PDF) activists today held a massive protest at Khansahib, Budgam against attempts to tamper with Article 35-A of the Constitution of India, which provides constitutional guarantee to the special hereditary state subject rights to the people of the state. The demonstrators vowed to offer any kind of sacrifice for protecting Article 35-A and Article 370.

Speaking on the occasion the PDF activists said that the Article 35-A was a precious gift of our ancestors when Dogra and Pandit leaders in 1927 sought constitutional guarantee to protect hereditary state subject rights of the people of the state. They said these assurances were later on ratified in 1952 through a presidential order in the Constitution of India adding that the law was final and untouchable. They said every san person in all three regions of the state viz Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are one in safeguarding Article 35-A as they know that Article 35-A and Article 370 of the Constitution of India were very essential for their existence and survival in the present day competitive world order and free global economy.
The spear were unanimous that tampering with Article 35-A shall be a direct onslaught on the social, political and economic existence of the people of the state.



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