Asks administration to handover dead body of Langate youth

Er. Rasheed questions DNA testing of slain Militants

Langate: Expressing displeasure over excuses being given by police and civil administration in handing over body of Muzaffar Ahmad Mir who got killed in an encounter at Rafiabad, AIP President, MLA Er. Rasheed has said that state leaves no stone unturned to give Kashmiris sense of defeat and humiliation.

According a statement issued here, Er. Rasheed today visited Langate town and expressed his solidarity with the family of the deceased. He contacted top police and civil officials and asked them if the family and the entire area is convinced about the identity of the slain youth, administration should not give any excuses.

He said β€œCiting that law doesn’t allow body to be exhumed without ensuring that the DNA samples of the deceased match with that of his parents is laughable, as in a state where rights of those who are alive are bulldozed every day, it looks a cruel joke to talk about the dignity and identity of deceased. Nobody is opposing conducting the DNA authentication but the least authorities could do would have been to take the samples for the authentication and in the meanwhile handover the body to the family. Even if the sample would not match after performing the required tests, it still should not have been an issue as it hardly makes a difference where someone gets buried, the statement said.

It is worth to mention that the practice of performing DNA test has been started sometime back only to create confusions and give the families and the entire society a sense of defeat”. Er. Rasheed while questioning the delay asked authorities to explain if they claim to be following the law by not handing over the body without performing DNA test, which law allows security agencies to disrespect the bodies of militants and stop masses from performing last rites of deceased non Kashmiri militants, the satatement added.

Er. Rasheed appealed administration to feel the pain of the family and show some human face so that the body of Muzaffar Ahmad Mir is taken to his ancestral place at an earliest and his last rites are performed in accordance with religious traditions.


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