If Autonomy was the solution, why didnโ€™t NC Congress restore it: Er. Rasheed

‘Protecting 35-A doesnโ€™t mean accepting resolution within Indian constitution’

Srinagar: Questioning former Chief Minister Omer Abdullah for his claim that seeking protection to Article 35-A means believing in resolution to Kashmir dispute within Indian constitution, AIP President MLA Er. Rasheed has asked main stream parties to apologize for their failures and giving New Delhi a free hand to intensify itโ€™s attempts to change the demography of the state.

According to a statement issued today, Er. Rasheed said while every citizen of the state is genuinely showing huge concerns about the conspiracies against 35-A, unfortunately main stream parties are using it to strengthen Indiaโ€™s narrative on the dispute, but need not to forget that J&K dispute is not about restoring Autonomy but fulfilling the commitments made with people of undivided state at United Nations. Er. Rasheed said โ€œLet there be no confusion that protecting 35-A and other related provisions has become a compulsion of people of the state and the resolution to the Kashmir dispute never lies in restoration of Autonomy.ย While trying to show sympathy with the Kashmiris and becoming strong advocate of seeing a possible resolution to dispute within Indian constitution, Omer Abdullah should not forget that it was late Sheikh Sahab who was jailed as Prime Minister of the state but after 22 years he surrendered and took oath as the chief Minister, thus not only betrayed his own people but even his own conscience, the statement said. If Autonomy is the solution to the dispute then who and what has stopped so called main stream parties from getting it restored. Had autonomy been the solution the issue would not have been on agenda of United Nations even when state used to have its own Prime Minister and resident.ย  In fact hiding under the excuse of protecting 35-A main stream parties are trying to dilute the real cause and also show their false sympathy to the masses. Before favouring special status congress should answer why it introduced IPS and IAS in the state and forced Sheikh Abdullah for a surrender even without restoring the eroded autonomy. If NC and congress are now claiming autonomy to be a resolution what stopped them from restoring it from 2008 to 2014 when both were in power at centre and the stateโ€.

Er. Rasheed reiterated that people of J&K have no better plate form other than Huriyat to represent their sentiments and sacrifices and asked Omer Abdullah not to take undue advantage of compulsions of Kashmiri people. He appealed people to offer their full support to JRL, but said it is duty of the pro-resistance camp to ensure that New Delhi and its proxies donโ€™t use their compulsions to dilute from the real issue.


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