BJP leaders supports continuation of Article 35A in J&K

Jammu:Β A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Saturday said he supports the continuation of the Article 35A of the Constitution in Jammu and Kashmir. The leader said there is fear in the region if the article is not continued, the state would suffer due to migration. Rajesh Gupta said the sentiments of the people is that if more outsiders come in the state, it might affect the economy and employment.Β 

As per news agency PTI, Gupta said, β€œMany people feel if the outsiders are allowed to settle in Jammu, it will have an adverse impact on the region’s economy and employment opportunities.” 

He said 35A is favourable to the residents of Jammu and Kashmir and should be retained. He said, β€œIf Article 35-A or Article 370 is repealed, the accession of the state with the supremacy of India would be shuddered. The Article 35A is beneficial for the permanent residents of the state.”

The Article 35A of the Constitution lets Jammu and Kashmir legislature define β€œpermanent residents” and also provide them special rights. The article was incorporated in the Constitution by a Presidential Order in 1945. Article 35-A, which was incorporated in the Constitution by a 1954 Presidential Order, reports said

Earlier, the National Conference and Peoples’ Democratic Party took to streets to protest separately before the hearing of Article 35A in Supreme Court on August 6. The petition is challenging the article which grants special status to permanent residents of the state.Β 

“If there are no Articles 35A and 370, then there is no accession (of Jammu and Kashmir to India),” read one of the banners.Β 


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