We have got a complaint from a person that we had been molested by Jammu and Kashmir bank manager jamia kadeem Sopore branch … I ifran Ali dar is sharing with u current incident

A case about misbehaving done by the above manager,
On Thursday noon me and my elder brother Mr liyakat Ali dar r/o guru bazar sringar and my driver visit bank for some piece of work , but shocking his behavior was very rude he misbehaved and doesn’t know how to talk with the customers, he abused us , he hit my brother without any reason, when I replied what are u doing ? He pushed my brother thrice and my brother got injuried and blood did come from my head and his shoulders are in pain till now , the whole incident was captured in CCTV camera..
Then we went to file a complaint against bank manager at police station tarzoo amagrah Sopore , they sent a constable with us to concerned jk health department Sopore,,,they treated my brother and do bandage in his head and give him 7 days rest and medicines… police station who took out our original prescription and reports and gave us duplicate prescription.

Now today we went to police station for feedback but they said enquiry is going on ,mean while no action has been taken yet

Now I request honourable cm ,jk police and jk bank chairman’ to kindly look into this matter
Im hoping for justice


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